When Should I Caption?

All pre-recorded video that is posted on a UM website or social media account must be captioned. There are other instances where captioning of pre-recorded videos is required or recommended as a best practice. Please use the chart below as guidance on when captioning is required and when it is recommended.

Pre-Recorded Video Captioning Decision Chart

*This addresses post-production captioning, but we have also provided a Captioning Priority List for LIVE captioning.

Captioning Decision flowchart that guides users on when captioning is required or recommended. Instructions them to contact accessibility@olemiss.edu for assistance.

Captioning Priority List

Captioning is REQUIRED in the following scenarios:

  • When requested as an accommodation through SDS.
  • When a video is posted on an olemiss.edu or UM-affiliated website.
  • When a video is posted on UM-affiliated social media.
  • When a video is used as part of a fully online course.

Captioning is RECOMMENDED in the following scenarios:

  • For video used in high-enrollment, required courses.
  • For video used across multiple semesters and/or multiple classes.
  • Any video used in the first week or two of classes.

Captioning is considered a LOW PRIORITY in the following scenarios:

  • When lecture capture is used to post a lecture that is a review of a face-to-face class, will only be available for one semester, and no accommodation request for captioning.
  • Any archived materials unless by request.