Live Class Sessions

Live Video Class Content

Zoom Live Captioning as an SDS Accommodation

Instructors delivering class content synchronously through Zoom are strongly encouraged to enable the live captions that are available for all Zoom sessions as part of the UM Zoom service. However, captions for these synchronous sessions are not required unless you receive a notification from SDS of a required accommodation for a student with a disability. At that time, SDS will work with the instructor to find the best option to accommodate the student. In some cases, that accommodation could be provided through the live captions in Zoom. It is always advised to consult with SDS and the student to determine the appropriate level of captioning to meet the student’s needs.

Proactive Zoom Live Captioning

For instructors hosting synchronous class, tutoring, or office hours sessions using Zoom, we strongly encourage all instructors to enable Zoom captions for EACH class session held in Zoom to proactively increase accessibility for all students. Google Meet is another online meeting platform that provides automatic captioning as part of its service. UM Faculty and students have access to Google Meet and other Google apps by using their accounts.