Academic Captioning

Academic Captioning

Because captions are beneficial for a majority of students, captioning of video material used in a course is recommended as an accessibility best practice even if there is not a student with an accommodation for captioning. Captions can be provided for both pre-recorded video, i.e. instructor recordings, PowerPoint voiceovers, YouTube clips, news clips, TED Talks, etc., and live video, such as when an instructor is using Zoom for synchronous class sessions.

Explore the pages linked below for more information about the different services offered for pre-recorded and live video captioning.

Pre-Recorded Videos

Live Videos

SDS Accommodation Captioning

Captions or transcripts of video and audio content are required by law and must be provided in “a timely manner” as an accommodation for a student with a disability. In order to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, captions must be 99% accurate; therefore the automatically-generated captions in YouTube or Panopto are not sufficient unless they are edited for accuracy.

Faculty/instructors will be contacted by SDS when there is a student in their course who requires captioning for an accommodation. Questions about specific accommodations should be directed to Student Disability Services (SDS) at SDS works closely with Accessibility Solutions to ensure captioning of content in courses where there is an accommodation. Our team is available to assist faculty with providing captions for videos in courses where there is a student with an accommodation through SDS.