Panopto Captioning

Panopto is the University of Mississippi’s video management system that is provided for all faculty, staff, and students. It is much more than a video storage system. Panopto integrates seamlessly into Blackboard, provides a way to automatically link your Zoom recordings, and allows instructors to build interactivity such as quizzes into their videos. From an accessibility standpoint, Panopto is an invaluable tool because it provides automatic captions for videos that are stored within the system.

Automatic Captions in Panopto are automatically generated for all videos, and the automatic captions are very accurate. Therefore, using Panopto and providing these automatic captions is an effective way to provide a base level of accessibility for all students*.

Editing the automatic captions in Panopto is also an easy process should you want to go an extra step or correct any major errors in the captions.

 PDF File of Panopto Captioning Instructions

*Automatic generated captions are NOT sufficient for students with an accommodation for captioning through SDS. Please contact or for more information on captioning for students with an accommodation.