Pre-Recorded Video

Pre-Recorded Video

Pre-recorded or asynchronous video is any video that is recorded in advance, either by the instructor or a third-party (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), and shared with students after the time of recording, either in class or through Blackboard, email, Box, Google Drive, or other file sharing systems.

When to Caption

chart showing when to caption in academic settings

Captioning is REQUIRED in the following scenarios:

  • When requested as an accommodation through SDS.
  • When a video is posted on an or UM-affiliated website.
  • When a video is posted on UM-affiliated social media.
  • When a video is used as part of a traditional online (Web) course.

Captioning is RECOMMENDED in the following scenarios:

  • For video used in high-enrollment, required courses.
  • For video used across multiple semesters and/or multiple classes.
  • Any video used in the first week or two of classes.

Captioning is considered a LOW PRIORITY in the following scenarios:

  • When lecture capture is used to post a lecture that is a review of a face-to-face class, will only be available for one semester, and no accommodation request for captioning.
  • Any archived materials unless by request.

Captioning as a Best Practice

The automatic captions generated in the university’s video management system, Panopto, are a great way to provide a base level of accessibility for all students. YouTube also has an auto-captioning feature available as part of its platform. We encourage you to visit the pages below to learn more about using these captioning features.

Panopto Captioning

YouTube Captioning