Web and Social Media Captioning

UM Web and Social Media Captioning

Captions are required by law when videos are published on UM-sponsored and UM- affiliated public-facing websites, including social media accounts. All videos on UM- sponsored and UM-affiliated public-facing websites must include captions. This applies to live events that are streamed on the web, social media, or in some cases on Zoom, as well as any pre-recorded video content. Presently, Facebook is the social media platform that provides auto captioning for live streams, so we recommend that departments and student organizations use Facebook with live captions enabled for all live streams or continue to use Zoom with live captions. Instructions on enabling captions are found below.

Captioning Services

Accessibility Solutions offers a captioning service for videos that will be posted on UM websites or social media accounts. For information on rates and turnaround times, please visit Accessibility Solutions Captioning Rates. If you are interested in captioning your own videos, we have some suggested methods for doing so on our DIY Captioning page.

Social Media Video Captioning

We recognize that there are times when time is of the essence in getting a video posted to social media, or maybe you have a video under 1-2 minutes that you feel doesn’t warrant going through the whole captioning editing process in YouTube. The good news is that there are captioning apps available that are perfect for shorter videos with one or two speakers who are positioned close to the mobile device.

Feel free to find a captioning app that works for you, but one we recommend for iOS devices is Clipomatic. The process of captioning in Clipomatic is very simple: the video is recorded, automatically captioned, and edited when necessary- all within the app.

Facebook Live Auto Captioning

*Done from a computer, not a mobile device. 

  • Begin Live Video Setup in Facebook by clicking Live Video.
  • Go to Settings and select “Viewing” to expand the menu options.
  • Make sure that the “Turn on auto-generated captions” option is toggled on.
  • Continue the process to go live.

Please note: In a test, we discovered that the host of the Facebook Live will not see the captions, but they are still visible to those joining the live broadcast. Also, since these are auto-generated captions, they must be edited if the video will remain on Facebook, and the editing can be done within Facebook.